Schneider Magelis GXU

Emax Control is an official distributor for Schneider Magelis GXU in Malaysia. We also provide pre-sales consultation as well as post sales technical support.

Schneider Magelis GXU

The range of Magelis Easy GXU touch screen terminals has been designed for manufacturers of simple machines and is dedicated to the following fields and types of machine:
a Textile
– blowing and carding machines
– winding and twisting machines
– dyeing and finishing machines
b Packaging
– vertical and horizontal packing
– filling machine
– labelling machine
c HVAC & pumping
– air compressor
– water pumping
d Miscellaneous activity sectors
– machine tools (grinder, saw, etc.)
– plastic and rubber (extruding machine, etc.)
– printing (stamping and folding machines, etc.)
– construction machines

Download Catalog Here: Schneider Magelis GXU

Common Part Numbers:

HMIGXU3500 7″
HMIGXU3512 7″ with Ethernet
HMIGXU5500 10″
HMIGXU5551 10″ with Ethernet

For more information on Schneider Magelis GXU, please visit the official website of Schneider Malaysia.