Schneider Pricelist 2018

Emax Control is an authorized distributor for Schneider LV products.

Please note that there are some pricing adjustments compared to 2017. For more information, contact your salesperson.

Schneider Malaysia Price List 2017


LV Power Protection and Control Devices:

  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
    • EasyPact EZC
    • EasyPact CVS, Compact NSXM, Compact NSX & Compact NS
    • Compact NSX DC
  • Air Circuit Breaker
    • EasyPact MVS
    • Masterpact NT and NW
  • Earth Fault and Monitoring Relays
    • Vigirex
  • Switch-disconnectors
    • Interpact INS
  • EASY9
    • EASY9 Circuit Breakers
    • EASY9 Residual Current Circuit Breaker
    • EASY9 Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCBO)
  • Acti 9
    • Circuit Protection
    • Earth Leakage Protection
    • Overvoltage Protection
    • Control
  • Energy Management
    • PowerLogic System
  • Reactive Energy Management
    • EasyCan SDuty
  • Electrical Network Protection
    • Protection Relays

Automation and Control:

  • Motor Control
    • Contactors, Motor Circuit Breakers and Protection Relays
  • Automation
    • Relays – Zelio
  • Power Supplies
    • Power Supplies and Transformers for Control Circuits
  • Operator Dialog
    • Control and Singnaling Units
    • Illuminating Beacons
    • Indicator Banks
  • Limit Switches & Sensors
    • Photo-electric Sensors
    • Proximity sensors
    • Limit switches
    • Sensors for pressure control
    • Machine cabling accessories

Special Update: We are currently having a promotion for our RXM series relays. Check out our Relay & Base Product page for more info!

For more information on Schneider Products, please visit the official website of Schneider Malaysia.