Boiler ID Fan Inverter

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Most boilers in the market today utilizes an inverter to facilitate the ID fan startup. Having an inverter reduces the starting current and lessen the burden on the diesel generator during boiler startup.


boiler inverter unpacking

Schneider ATV610 unpacking

Each unit of Schneider ATV610 has a to-scale dimension printed directly onto the packaging box for easy screw hole markings. This makes initial installation much easier since many of the ID fans are above 75kw (big kW inverters are heavy equipment! The 160kW inverter in this example weighs 82kg)


boiler inverter installation

Schneider ATV610 Installation

Inverters used in boiler ID fan applications functions as a motor starter to gradually accelerate the speed of the fan to full speed. After that, an built-in output relay contact activates a time delay timer which couples the fan directly with the incoming feed.


boiler inverter installation

Boiler Inverter (ID Fan) Installation


Schneider ATV610 is an excellent choice for ID fans due its excellent starting torque and adjustable current limit. The built-in protections offered a peace of mind for continuous and consistent productivity. All panels are modified for easy integration with our Schneider inverter series but customization is possible with other brands of inverters.

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