Pump Inverter Replacement

Emax Control provides on site pump inverter replacement as well as control panel modifications.

One of our job site at Pahang:

Inverter Replacement Site

Job scope: Replace existing inverter with 55kw Schneider ATV610 complete with wiring modification and replacement of new MCCB/MCB/Relay and Pilot Lights.

Application: Powering raw water pump to water treatment plant.

Existing Panel  Inverter Replacement










Existing inverter and all old wiring is removed, cleaned and replaced.

Schneider ATV610 Inverter Replacement

Keypad is mounted externally for easy display.

Schneider ATV610 Keypad External Mount

All panels are modified for easy integration with our Schneider inverter series but customization is possible with other brands of inverters.

For more information on Schneider Malaysia, please visit the corporate website at Schneider Malaysia.