PM1120H Power Meter

Emax Control is an authorized distributor for Schneider PM1120H Malaysia. The PM1120H is a new generation of cost-effective power meters suitable for a wide range of applications.

As a newly launched model in Malaysia, we are currently having a exciting 2019 promotion for SKU: METSEPM1120HCL10RS


pm1120h malaysia


Schneider EasyLogicPM1120H Malaysia meters are ideal replacements for multiple analogue meters for stand-alone metering in custom panels, switch boards, switch-gear, generator panels, motor control centers, power factor improvement panels and OEM panel board.


  • Cost management applications
  • Measurement of basic electrical parameters in control panels, motor control panels, power distribution boards, OEM’s, Building management systems, panel instrumentation
  • Aggregation of energy consumption and cost allocation per area, per
    usage, per shift and per time within the same facility

    • Network management applications
    • Power quality analysis (THD %)
    • Demand measurement
    • Measurement of Power factor
    • Phase angle between the voltage and current
    • % unbalance among voltage and current
    • Modbus RTU protocol RS-485 communication port for integration with energy management system

Main characteristics

  • Easy to install: Mounts using two retainer clips, no tools required. Compact meter with 49 mm meter depth behind the panel, connectable up to 480 V +10% AC volts L-L without voltage transformers for installation compliant with measurement category III
  • Easy to operate: Intuitive navigation with self-guided menus and Heartbeat LED indicates normal functioning of meters while it conveys the communication status when connected to RS-485 network
  • LED display: Intuitive navigation with self-guided, four buttons, 8 segment alphanumeric LEDs of height ~14.2 mm (0.55 in), and three lines of concurrent values with Kilo & Mega value indicator.
  • Power and energy: measurement, display and recording of any one power and corresponding energy parameter at a time (W/ Wh or VA/ VAh or VAR/VARh – selectable through panel button or configuration software)
  • Demand: measurement of Peak, present and last demand values of either W, VA or VAR parameters with selectable demand parameter, demand interval and demand technique
  • Accuracy:
    • Class 1.0 for active energy as per the test limits given in IEC 62053-21
    • Class 0.5 for active energy as per the test limits given in IEC 62053-22
    • Class 2.0 for reactive energy as per the test limits given in IEC 62053-23
    • Tested in accordance with IEC 62052-11 for energy test requirements
    • EMI/EMC tests: As per IEC 61326-1
  • CT nominal: 5 A or 1 A I-nominal (field settable). CT reversal auto correction for energy consumption.
  • Password: Field configurable password for securing set up information and prevents tampering of integrated values.
  • Cyber security: Option for disabling RS-485 port through front panel keys against unauthorized access. This feature can also be used for maintenance and troubleshooting of complex communication network.
  • Display: Auto scaling, 4 digits for Instantaneous parameters and 5+3 digits for energy parameter with auto scale and auto range capability.
  • Analogue load bar: The colour-coded analogue load bar at the front side indicates the percentage of load through 12 LED’s with the option to select full scale based on connected load.
  • Suppression current: To disregard the measurement of induced and panel auxiliary load current in the circuit (settable from 5 to 99 mA)
  • Protective cover: Tamper-proof terminal screws do not detach from housing

Catalog for PM1120H Malaysia can be downloaded here.

For more information, visit Schneider Electric Malaysia.