Emax Control is a system integrator of Industrial Robot Malaysia and robot solutions provided are in collaboration with Kuka Robot Automation Malaysia. Emax is not just a industry robot integrator; we are a complete system integrator and industry robot is one part of our solutions portfolio. As a result, this makes us excellent integrator partners as we are capable of integrating an entire automation line and their subsystems.



The KUKA KR-120 is an excellent choice for palletizing application. Robotizing the palletizing process is one of the easiest way to ensure consistent output ensuring finished products can be dispatched.


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Due to the built-in palletizing motion library, the KR-120 can be commissioned within 24 hours and start production immediately. Custom grippers can be designed and fabricated to suit each and every product.

Fore more information, visit KUKA Malaysia or contact our sales representative today! They are well equipped with technical knowledge to ensure maximum value to your production line.