IOT Solutions

Emax Control Sdn Bhd is your valued partner for IOT Solutions in Malaysia. We are committed to transform Malaysian businesses into the IOT era by empowering decision-making across all levels.

Our IOT Solutions Philosophy

Every provider has their own definition of IOT and here at Emax, we simplified the whole concept into 3 bite-sized chunks.

1) Simplicity
All IOT Solutions proposed must be both simple to understand and simple to implement. IOT Solutions are not intended to replace traditional SCADA or DDC systems, but they enable data presentation at a very simple-to-digest format.

2) Connectivity
All IOT Solutions proposed must be connected both to the factory (Local) and to the internet (Global). Telemetry systems such as SMS alert are very easy to integrate alongside traditional email alerts.

3) Affordability
All IOT Solutions proposed must be affordable to the end user. Obviously everyone has their own definition of affordable but based on our internal market survey, our commercial offerings are found to be very reasonable for most cases.


Common Applications

  • Tank/Silo Monitoring
  • Consumption Alert
  • Equipment Trip (Remote Pump houses)
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Alarms

The Hardware

A reliable hardware manufacturer is vital in any industrial grade projects.

Introducing the Magelis IOT BOX HMIBSC by Schneider Electric.

Magelis IOT Box HMIBSC

This device can acquire data from any Modbus TCP based PLC, transform the data into dashboard AND transmit to Cloud! The HMIBSC is powered by Linux Yocto and Node.js which means for engineers, its software are open-source and for purchasers, no troublesome or expensive software licensing fees involved!

A GSM addon module can be specified as an option if SMS alerts are required.

Catalog for HMIBSC can be downloaded here.

User Manual for HMIBSC can be downloaded here.

Live Demo

A live demo is available at

This site is populated by randomized data and is intended as a showcase of what our IOT Solutions are capable of. The dashboard utilizes JavaScript and is compatible with any modern web browsers.


Other Information & After Sales Support

Need help on how to setup the HMI BSC? Visit our forum at where we periodically share technical insights and tutorials.

All proposed solutions comes with complementary lifetime subscription to our MQTT broker. A centralized broker is very useful if your IOT Solutions span across different locations.

Furthermore, all solutions implemented by Emax are entitled to complementary 1 year after sales service. Maintenance contracts are available as an option in future.


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