Delta C2000

Emax Control is a distributor for Delta C2000 in Malaysia. We also provide pre-sales consultation as well as post sales technical support.

Delta C2000

Variable Speed Drives – C2000
For applications from 0.7kw to 355kw

The C2000 Series AC motor drive provides the most efficient solution for all types of drive applications. It features precise speed, torque and position control functions that are suitable for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors. The C2000 Series is also equipped with built-in PLC functions and supports the CANopen aster/Slave extension for the ultimate in system flexibility and fast data exchange.

Download Delta C2000 catalog here.

Common Part Numbers:

VFD007C43A 415v/3p 0.7kw
VFD015C43A 415v/3p 1.5kw
VFD022C43A 415v/3p 2.2kw
VFD037C43A 415v/3p 3.7kw
VFD040C43A 415v/3p 4kw
VFD055C43A 415v/3p 5.5kw
VFD075C43A 415v/3p 7.5kw
VFD110C43A 415v/3p 11kw
VFD150C43A 415v/3p 15kw
VFD185C43A 415v/3p 18.5kw
VFD220C43A 415v/3p 22kw
VFD300C43A 415v/3p 30kw
VFD370C43S 415v/3p 37kw
VFD450C43S 415v/3p 45kw
VFD550C43A 415v/3p 55kw
VFD750C43A 415v/3p 75kw
VFD900C43A 415v/3p 90kw
VFD1100C43A 415v/3p 110kw
VFD1320C43A 415v/3p 132kw
VFD1600C43A 415v/3p 160kw
VFD1850C43A 415v/3p 185kw
VFD2200C43A 415v/3p 220kw
VFD2800C43A 415v/3p 280kw
VFD3150C43A 415v/3p 315kw
VFD3550C43A 415v/3p 355kw

For more information on Delta C2000, please visit the official website of Delta Electronics Worldwide.