Overhead Crane Inverters

Emax Control is an official distributor for Schneider ATV310 Malaysia used in overhead crane inverter applications. We also provide pre-sales consultation as well as post sales technical support.

An inverter powered crane has many advantages compared to traditional two speed motors. Inverters smooth the motion of the crane, reduces mechanical stress as well as reducing inrush current for frequent start/stop applications.

Crane Inverter Refurbish 1All inverters supplied for overhead crane usage such as the Schneider ATV310 must be provided together with a brake resistor because of the huge inertia load. A moving crane generates a lot of regenerative energy when stopping which must be dissipated into the atmosphere by the resistor.

All brake resistors sold by Emax Control has been carefully sized to ensure sufficient braking capacity for most crane applications. They are individually rated and paired with Schneider ATV310 and can be purchased together.

Crane Inverter Refurbish 2

With the usage of an crane inverter, even motors which come with conical brakes can be controlled. In this case, the mid point frequency will be adjusted and tuned by our site engineers.

Commonly paired brake resistor part numbers are listed below:

EMC-BR-420w300ohm – For 1.5kw
EMC-BR-620w200ohm – For 2.2kw
EMC-BR-720w140ohm – For 4kw
EMC-BR-1100w96ohm – For 7.5kw
EMC-BR-1500w69ohm – For 11kw

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