Braking Resistor

Emax Control is an official distributor for Braking Resistors Malaysia. We also provide pre-sales consultation as well as post sales technical support.


Braking Resistors Malaysia


Each resistor box also comes with rating sticker for easy identification.

Resistor Box Sticker


Having overvoltage alarms in your inverters? Or does your application demands very fast deceleration?

When a motor decelerates rapidly, backlash current will be injected into the inverter and a braking resistor is required to convert this additional energy into heat. By the additional of a correctly sized braking resistor, the lifespan of the inverter can be greatly increased.

Resistors sold by Emax Control are customized and matched with Schneider ATV310 inverters. For other models or brands, we offer custom resistors ratings (watts and ohms) subject to terms & conditions.

Common Part Numbers:



All Part Numbers are engraved onto resistors to ensure readability even after long periods of time.

400w Braking Resistor


Technical Specifications:

Parameter Unit Characteristics
Resistance Precision % +/- 10%
IP Class / IP55
Working voltage V DC1200v. AC1000v
Dielectric voltage V AC3500v 50Hz 5s, Leakage current < 2.5mA
Temperature Coefficients ppm/C 25,50,100,400 depending on resistance value
Insulation Resistance MΩ >1,000(500v 25c, dry) and >100 (500v, 25c 75% RH)
Overload capability times 1.35 x rated current for 1 min, 1.5 x rated current for 5s
Max temperature rise K <80K @ rated power for 10min/hour
Max temperature range C Ambient -25C to +85C
Max withstand temperature C 1000c for resistance wires, 300c for other parts