Schneider ATV12

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Schneider ATV12 Malaysia

Variable Speed Drives – Altivar 12 for applications from 0.7kw to 2.2kw

The Altivar 12 is suitable for use in simple applications within industrial or consumer machines due to its compact size, high performance and discreet appearance which make it particularly attractive for use in the following sectors:
• The food industry (exhaust fan etc)
• Small handling applications (conveyors etc)
• The medical and health sector (medical beds, fitness machines etc)
• Machines with a single phase incoming power (wood machines, swimming pool, irrigation pumps etc.)

ATV12 is particularly useful when a factory or installation site does not provide 3 phase power. Please be informed that the 415v motor connections might need to be changed to accommodate 220v power. ATV12 is also useful to provide a smooth and gradual acceleration to various equipment to reduce mechanical wear and tear and by adjusting the final motor speed, further energy savings can be achieved.

ATV12 accepts 220v single phase which also makes it an attractive option in household pump system where most houses does not come with 3 phase power supply.


Download Catalog Here: Schneider ATV12

Common Part Numbers:

ATV12H075M2 220v/1p 0.7kw
ATV12HU15M2 220v/1p 1.5kw
ATV12HU22M2 220v/1p 2.2kw

Converting to Schneider ATV12? Dimensions for ATV12 can be found below (Wmm x Hmm x Dmm):

ATV12H075M2 72 x 143 x 131.2
ATV12HU15M2 105 x 142 x 156.2
ATV12HU22M2 105 x 142 x 156.2

For more information on Schneider ATV12 Malaysia, please visit the official website of Schneider Malaysia.