Schneider ATV 610

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Schneider ATV610 Malaysia

Variable Speed Drives – Altivar Easy ATV 610 for applications from 0.7kw to 160kw

Altivar Easy ATV 610 drives can help improve equipment performance and reduce operating costs by optimizing energy consumption and user comfort.
A communication module is available for seamless integration into the main automation architectures.
Altivar Easy ATV 610 drives feature various configurable I/O as standard to facilitate adaptation to specific applications.
They offer a plug & play solution, whereby parameters are preset in the factory to the desired configuration, to help save process control and operating time.

Download Catalog Here: Schneider ATV 610

Download Programming Manual Here: Schneider ATV 610 Programming Manual

Common Part Numbers:

ATV610U07N4 415v/3p 0.75kw
ATV610U15N4 415v/3p 1.5kw
ATV610U22N4 415v/3p 2.2kw
ATV610U30N4 415v/3p 3.0kw
ATV610U40N4 415v/3p 4.0kw
ATV610U55N4 415v/3p 5.5kw
ATV610U75N4 415v/3p 7.5kw
ATV610D11N4 415v/3p 11kw
ATV610D15N4 415v/3p 15kw
ATV610D18N4 415v/3p 18.5kw
ATV610D22N4 415v/3p 22kw
ATV610D30N4 415v/3p 30kw
ATV610D37N4 415v/3p 37kw
ATV610D45N4 415v/3p 45kw
ATV610D55N4 415v/3p 55kw
ATV610D75N4 415v/3p 75kw
ATV610D90N4 415v/3p 90kw
ATV610C11N4 415v/3p 110kw
ATV610C13N4 415v/3p 132kw
ATV610C16N4 415v/3p 160kw

Converting to Schneider ATV 610? Dimensions for ATV 610 can be found below (Wmm x Hmm x Dmm):

ATV610U07N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U15N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U22N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U30N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U40N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U55N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U75N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610D11N4 171 x 360 x 233
ATV610D15N4 171 x 360 x 233
ATV610D18N4 211 x 495 x 232
ATV610D22N4 211 x 495 x 232
ATV610D30N4 226 x 613 x 271
ATV610D37N4 226 x 613 x 271
ATV610D45N4 226 x 613 x 271
ATV610D55N4 290 x 762 x 323
ATV610D75N4 290 x 762 x 323
ATV610D90N4 290 x 762 x 323
ATV610C11N4 320 x 853 x 390
ATV610C13N4 320 x 853 x 390
ATV610C16N4 320 x 853 x 390

Connection diagram for ATV 610 is as follows:

ATV610 Connection Diagram

If you are connecting a sizable installation of ATV 610 drives, you might be interested in our RJ45 Busboard which makes communication wiring a plug-and-play affair.

For more information on Schneider ATV610 Malaysia, please visit the official website of Schneider Malaysia.