Schneider ATV610

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Schneider ATV610 Malaysia

Variable Speed Drives – Altivar Easy 610 for applications from 0.7kw to 160kw

Altivar Easy 610 drives can help improve equipment performance and reduce operating costs by optimizing energy consumption and user comfort.
A communication module is available for seamless integration into the main automation architectures.
Altivar Easy 610 drives feature various configurable I/O as standard to facilitate adaptation to specific applications.
They offer a plug & play solution, whereby parameters are preset in the factory to the desired configuration, to help save process control and operating time.

Download Catalog Here: Schneider ATV610

Download Programming Manual Here: Schneider ATV610 Programming Manual

Common Part Numbers:

ATV610U07N4 415v/3p 0.75kw
ATV610U15N4 415v/3p 1.5kw
ATV610U22N4 415v/3p 2.2kw
ATV610U30N4 415v/3p 3.0kw
ATV610U40N4 415v/3p 4.0kw
ATV610U55N4 415v/3p 5.5kw
ATV610U75N4 415v/3p 7.5kw
ATV610D11N4 415v/3p 11kw
ATV610D15N4 415v/3p 15kw
ATV610D18N4 415v/3p 18.5kw
ATV610D22N4 415v/3p 22kw
ATV610D30N4 415v/3p 30kw
ATV610D37N4 415v/3p 37kw
ATV610D45N4 415v/3p 45kw
ATV610D55N4 415v/3p 55kw
ATV610D75N4 415v/3p 75kw
ATV610D90N4 415v/3p 90kw
ATV610C11N4 415v/3p 110kw
ATV610C13N4 415v/3p 132kw
ATV610C16N4 415v/3p 160kw

Converting to Schneider ATV610? Dimensions for ATV610 can be found below (Wmm x Hmm x Dmm):

ATV610U07N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U15N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U22N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U30N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U40N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U55N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610U75N4 145 x 297 x 203
ATV610D11N4 171 x 360 x 233
ATV610D15N4 171 x 360 x 233
ATV610D18N4 211 x 495 x 232
ATV610D22N4 211 x 495 x 232
ATV610D30N4 226 x 613 x 271
ATV610D37N4 226 x 613 x 271
ATV610D45N4 226 x 613 x 271
ATV610D55N4 290 x 762 x 323
ATV610D75N4 290 x 762 x 323
ATV610D90N4 290 x 762 x 323
ATV610C11N4 320 x 853 x 390
ATV610C13N4 320 x 853 x 390
ATV610C16N4 320 x 853 x 390

Connection diagram for ATV610 is as follows:

ATV610 Connection Diagram

For more information on Schneider ATV610 Malaysia, please visit the official website of Schneider Malaysia.