Booster Pump Malaysia

Emax Control is a system integrator specializing in booster pump Malaysia.

We offers various control panel solutions ranging from design, engineering, installation as well as testing & commissioning for all our panels. We provide a complete panel solution utilizing Schneider electric LV products together with Schneider inverter, PLC, HMI or even third party equipment. For more info on LV products, feel free to check out our LV products page! Custom panel designs and control philosophy is made possible by our team of highly trained engineers to ensure good system performance.

Booster Pump Malaysia Triple ATV610

Booster Pump Malaysia installed with Triple ATV610

Sample of Booster Pump Malaysia Control Panels;

Booster Pump Malaysia - Control Panel

Booster Pump Malaysia - Front

Labels on terminal blocks enable on-site cable entry without panel diagram. Fast & Easy.

Booster Pump Malaysia - Terminal Labels

Typical Site wiring diagram for Booster Pump Malaysia.

Booster Pump Malaysia Typical Cabling

We are also offering site installation & cabling works to supplement our booster pump panels. All panels are complete with electrical diagrams and on site testing & commissioning.

Booster Pump Malaysia Refurbish

Booster Pump Malaysia Control Panel Refurbish

All panels are designed for easy integration with our Schneider inverter series but customization is possible with other brands of inverters.

For more information on Schneider Malaysia, please visit the corporate website at Schneider Malaysia.