Control Panel Solutions

Emax Control is a system integrator specializing in control panel Malaysia.

We offers various control panel solutions ranging from design, engineering, installation as well as testing & commissioning for all our panels. We provide a complete panel solution utilizing Schneider electric LV products together with Schneider inverter, PLC, HMI or even third party equipment. For more info on LV products, feel free to check out our LV products page!

Type of control panels offered:

  • Booster pump panel
  • Transfer pump panel
  • Motor starter panel
  • PLC control panel
  • General electrical distribution board

Control Panel Malaysia

All control panels are equipped with the following features:

  • All internal cable size adhere to IEC 60364-5-52: Low Voltage Electrical Installations (2009) standards
  • Panels can be customized
  • Complete panel labels and internal markings
  • Optional:
    • BAS/BMS Control Terminals
    • Surge arrestor
    • Weatherproof/double door
    • 3-pin socket for easy laptop power at site
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All panels are designed for easy integration with our Schneider inverter series but customization is possible with other brands of inverters.

For more information on Schneider Malaysia, please visit the corporate website at Schneider Malaysia.