Condominium Pump Panels

Emax Control is a specialist in design, fabricate and troubleshooting of all kinds of condominium pump panels such as inverters, star-delta or auto-transformers. Apart from the booster pump panels typically installed at the roof of a condominium, transfer pumps play a major role in water distribution for the whole building.

Many condominium pump panels are in a state of disrepair, resulting in a mess of a panel where no maintenance team will dare to touch due to lack of labeling or documentation.

Messy Condominium Pump Panels

Fancy taking a dip at troubleshooting?

Transfer pumps are vital to the water distribution system and without them running the situation can run dry very quickly!

There are 2 major types of condominium pump panels. Simply put, they can be categorized as variable speed drive panels, or non variable speed drive panels. The vital difference between them is the controlled (or lack of) deceleration of the pumps when stopping. Without this deceleration, pumps which are suddenly cut off due to fulfilled demand will cause the upwards rushing water to fall back inside the pipe due to gravity. The resultant effect is usually an uncomfortable audible bang which can often be heard by residents.

The Schneider ATV310 and ATV610 series are perfect candidates for such applications. They can provide smooth and controlled deceleration of pumps to prevent the sudden loss of pumping power. A pressure transmitter can also be installed to achieve constant pressure.

Condominium Pump Panels

All of the control panels designed by Emax Control also comes with a surge arrestor as precaution against stray electrical surges for the extra piece of mind. An audible alarm siren are also available as an option as well as remote monitoring. A guard house can therefore wired to monitor these panels for mishaps such a tripped pump.

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