Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel

Emax Control is a system integrator specializing in Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Malaysia.

There are many ways to run an AC Induction motor and Star-Delta remains one of a popular and cost effective methods to start the motor. For more information on motor controllers, feel free to visit the Wikipedia page.

Star-Delta panels are simple and relatively cheap but lacks the advantages of an inverter or variable speed drive. For example, the Schneider ATV310 comes with the following motor protection built-in:

  • Motor overload/overcurrent
  • Motor short circuit
  • Output phase loss (cable disconnected)
  • Input phase loss
  • Ground short circuit
  • and many more…

An inverter or variable speed drives also greatly reduces the inrush current or current spike and this is important if frequent start/stops are required. Inrush current can contribute to increased energy consumption from a typical motor.


The front panel of a Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel:

Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Malaysia


A typical panel consists of star and delta contactors as well as their respective control circuits.

Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Malaysia - Inside


A closer look at the internals of a typical Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel

Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Malaysia - Closer Look


Our typical panels comes with an internal AOM switch to prevent protection against unauthorized operation. An optional key lock provides an additional level of security against unintended operations.

All terminal blocks are clearly labelled for easy wire termination and troubleshooting.

Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel AOM


All starter components comes with a clear and easily identifiable sticker on their respective control breakers and control circuits are fused for added protection against short circuit. A row of control relays are clearly labelled for easy maintenance or replacement.

Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Control


Motor contactors are equipped with adjustable thermal overload devices for protection against motor over current. Each starter set also comes with an adjustable individual timer to control the timing delay between Star and Delta phases and can be fine tuned for different motor or site conditions.

Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Contactor


As a specialist in Star-Delta Motor Starter Panel Malaysia, Emax Control is well equipped with technical experts as well as know-how for all Star-Delta motor applications.

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