Schneider ATV310

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Schneider ATV310 Malaysia

Variable Speed Drives – Altivar Easy 310 for applications from 0.37kw to 11kw

The Altivar Easy 310 drive is a frequency inverter for three-phase 380…460 V asynchronous motors rated from 0.37 kW/0.5 HP to 11 kW/15 HP.
The compact size of this drive, its robust design, its ease of installation, based on the principle of Plug & Play, its integrated functions and macro configuration make it particularly suitable for applications involving industrial machines and certain consumer machines.
By taking account of the constraints governing installation and use at the product design stage, we have been able to offer a reliable, cost-effective solution to manufacturers of compact machines (OEMs).
The Altivar Easy 310 has been developed with no compromise on quality and the internal components are designed to last 10 years.

Interested to utilize the Modbus RS485 communication capabilities of the Schneider ATV310? Please visit the ATV310 Modbus Tutorial for a quick start. Additional Modbus related manuals can also be downloaded at the tutorial page.

Download Catalog Here: Schneider ATV310 Catalog

Download Quick Start Guide Here: ATV310 Quick Start Guide

Download Full Manual Here: Schneider ATV310 Full Manual


Common Part Numbers:

ATV310H037N4E 415v/3p 0.37kw
ATV310H075N4E 415v/3p 0.75kw
ATV310HU15N4E 415v/3p 1.5kw
ATV310HU22N4E 415v/3p 2.2kw
ATV310HU30N4E 415v/3p 3.0kw
ATV310HU40N4E 415v/3p 4.0kw
ATV310HU55N4E 415v/3p 5.5kw
ATV310HU75N4E 415v/3p 7.5kw
ATV310HD11N4E 415v/3p 11kw


Converting to Schneider ATV310? Dimensions for ATV310 can be found below (Wmm x Hmm x Dmm):

ATV310H037N4E 72 x 143 x 130
ATV310H075N4E 72 x 143 x 140
ATV310HU15N4E 105 x 143 x 151
ATV310HU22N4E 105 x 143 x 151
ATV310HU30N4E 140 x 184 x 151
ATV310HU40N4E 140 x 184 x 151
ATV310HU55N4E 140 x 184 x 151
ATV310HU75N4E 150 x 232 x 171
ATV310HD11N4E 150 x 232 x 171


For more information on Schneider ATV310 Malaysia, please visit the official website of Schneider Malaysia.