Schneider Modicon M221

Emax Control is an official distributor for Schneider Modicon M221 Malaysia. We also provide pre-sales consultation as well as post sales technical support.

Schneider TM221 Malaysia

The Schneider Modicon M221 is a cost-effective PLC famed for its compact size and high performance.

Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers are designed for simple machines. They can optimize the size of wall-mounted and floor-standing control system enclosures due to their compact dimensions.
The controllers are available in 2 formats:

1) Modicon M221 controllers (TM221Cxxxx references) offer excellent connection capacity and customization options without increasing the controller size, using I/O, communication, or application cartridges.
2) Modicon M221 Book controllers (TM221Mxxxx references) offer very small dimensions and a wide choice of connections.

M221 and M221 Book controllers have an embedded Ethernet port meaning they can be easily integrated in control system architectures, for remote control and maintenance of machines using applications for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The wealth of functions embedded in M221 and M221 Book controllers minimizes the cost of the machine:

a) Functions embedded in the controller: Modbus serial link, USB port dedicated to programming, and simple position control functions (high speed counters and pulse train outputs trapezoidal and S-curve profile)
b) Functions embedded in Modicon TM3 extensions: functional safety modules, motor-starter control module, and remote expansion system
c) Functions embedded in the dedicated display unit

The application is created quickly thanks to the intuitive nature of the SoMachine Basic programming software, which also has embedded configuration of the display unit and extensions, including the functional safety modules. This software environment makes it easy to retrieve Twido range applications, maximizing use of the investment already made. Applications can thus be easily ported to any of the Modicon logic controllers: M241, M251, and M258.

SoMachine basic can be downloaded free from our website.